Charting the progress

I just printed a bunch of index cards with little progress charts for different activities. Billable hours, housekeeping, new habits for the businesses I’m brewing. The charts are very cute! Tiny boxes on little cards. Mmm.

It felt beyond nerdy to print these out. Bordering on unhealthy. I don’t want to obsessive or over-regimented. But the chart I’ve been keeping for kung fu classes has really helped me remember to go, and stay motivated. I get a lot more out of lists of accomplishments than I get from schedules or to-do lists. I like the open-ended intention of a chart. “Here is something worth measuring. Do what you will.”

Previous charting attempts have been hit and miss. I can remember making charts for things since I was about 10 years old, and this kung fu chart is the only one currently alive.

Judging by this kung fu chart success, I’m guessing that being able to see patterns at a glance helps me stay with a chart. I have a steady stream of Xs in the Wednesday column but Monday kung fu has been erratic— that’s real information. I tried to build this latest batch of charts to show some kind of result on both the rows and the columns, instead of only along one axis.

Now I need a chart to chart the success of different kinds of charts! If my charting were about scientific discovery and not about personal motivation, I’d be right on that.