Lierre Keith on gender

I enjoyed this interview with Lierre Keith about destroying civilization, especially these definitions of genders.

Sexual domination and subordination are institutionalized into the very concepts of masculine and feminine. Masculinity is simply a conglomeration of the personality traits necessary for the patriarchal soldier-rapist: physically strong, emotionally cauterized, rational, domineering, cruel. All of this is supposed to add up to “handsome” as well. Likewise femininity is ultimately a description of the personality that results from trauma and powerlessness: weak, passive, yielding, emotional, hyper-vigilant to the needs of the dominators and desperate for the dominator’s attention.

One thought on “Lierre Keith on gender

  1. I automatically thought of both Kirk and Spock and their portrayals of the “masculine” dichotomy of cool emotionlessness or anger/patriotic/fight-ness.

    I had a big crush on Spock. And Data. Hm.

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