Gnarly photo description…

When I feel like the internet turned out to be a machine that manufactures trends, I contemplate pages that are not properly designed to make sense to me, and I feel better. I have no idea if this massive photo description is sincere or not, but even that is reassuring.

The litter ‘moonlanded’ in a black asphalt moon-gate that contains an area of 3,141 m² . Therefore you can call it a π-gate. It belongs to a landscaped pedestrian precinct and is the left part of a twin-moon∩gates-ensemble, i.e. tar-black asphalt-circles lined up two abreast in lane 3 of the running track that extends on two long sides of the Eastgate in Berlin-Marzahn.

This moon-gate is the most western of the 11 (∑=2+3+2+2+2=4+4+3) totally black circular tar bubbles. These special eleven fields do not contain – like those other 26 {1|2|3|e|a|s|t|g|a|t|e| ∟ |e|a|s|t|g|a|t|e|e|a|s|t|1|2|3} surrounding the building – white alphanumeric signs, but these are void and black like gravel-free tar. …

Life Jam

Feeling a bit weird about giving a PowerPoint presentation to my friends last night, because I was mostly sincere about it. I made a PowerPoint presentation?? About entrepreneurship??

While I was hunting for pictures to use, I ran across a rich vein of future desktops. So there’s that. There’s this, I mean:


I want someone to write one of those comprehensive, cross-disciplinary books about the pure joy of the word fuck. I’ve been getting a lot of satisfaction in the last few days. My favourites, overall: