Look good naked, bring your own analysis, a lot of video links.

A bloggy friend of Erin’s posted about a TV show called How To Look Good Naked. I don’t have cable, and I didn’t know anything about this show. This blogger, Sarah, said the show basically relied on body image coaching to help women like their nude bodies, with no weight loss or surgery suggestions at all. I found this improbably thrilling news regarding a reality makeover show, so I looked it up on YouTube. This is from the American version (the original is British).

They just pointed out that plastic surgery doesn’t work? On TV? And they used their feelings to decide how to solve their personal distress? Yay hooray! The clips I found raise a ton problems for me, but wow, I am really happy to see this conversation happening on a mainstream makeover show.

Problems/boring parts:

And yet, I am still definitely pleased to see a rounded woman’s butt cellulite on screen in a positive context, hear someone make the basic point that clothes need to fit your body and not vice versa, and even see men touching each other fairly comfortably.

This is a very narrow discussion of body image, but it is at least in a direction that I value: unpacking all the crap that people said you should do and deciding for yourself. (My body and I are totally bff almost all the time anyway, so I’m not disappointed about the lack of new ground.)

It’s quite the comment on the state of TV that eliminating weight loss and surgery without discussing anything else is cause for celebration, but maybe these baby steps will make some room for a similar show that adds a couple of elements, and then a couple more. No weight loss, no surgery, and no dissing fat. Or getting to know your body without looking at it. Queer eye for the straight girl, finally, or a show where women come up with ways to enjoy their bodies without a host/star/authority at all. I dream.

One thought on “Look good naked, bring your own analysis, a lot of video links.

  1. yes! i really feel your points about the mother-blaming, and the controlled, tidy setting.

    already i could list a bunch more complaints. the clip where they’re looking at a woman in three different outfits, and the sexy dress is said to make her look “confident” while the big sweater is “definitely not confident” gets my goat pretty hard. i’ve had people say that to me, when i decide not to buy some trendy display outfit. “if you don’t have the confidence to wear it, that’s ok.” holy shit, you know? just no awareness that not everyone agrees about the “best” way to dress, and that maybe i want to express something else with my plumage choices.

    i was thinking about this show again after i posted, and i realized that what is dissatisfying to me is that the show is essentializing, picking out little actions and calling it a day. “we don’t promote weight loss, and we don’t promote cosmetic surgery, so we are automatically being nice to women.” there’s no actual analysis or understanding of WHY that’s a good thing to do, or what else might be necessary to follow through on the presumed goal of promoting empowered beauty. so, you know, reality tv is still not meeting my need for thorough and challenging discourse. ha ha.

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