Queer Halloween Movies

I collected a bunch of these for a party. We watched two; I’m saving the rest for later.

Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

Dracula's Daughter

The screen’s first lesbian vampire. Ms. Dracula is drawn to young women and tries to get a big strong psychiatrist to cure her. That subtext is almost text. The tag line was “she gives you that weird feeling!”

The Uninvited (1944)

The Uninvited (1944)

A spooky haunted house story with subtle lesbian subtext. Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro both said it was scary, though!

The Haunting (1963)

The Haunting

Classic haunted house movie featuring a lesbian character, based on a novel by Shirley Jackson. Appears on all kinds of “best of” lists.

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

A subdued cult favourite about struggling with insanity on a New England hippie farm, featuring a queer woman who might be a vampire.

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

What if Dr Jekyll’s alter ego was a woman? I haven’t seen this and it seems highly likely that it is a transphobic, misogynist trainwreck, but I am curious.

The Hunger (1983)

The Hunger

Ridiculous vampire movie featuring real life bisexual David Bowie, a lot of blowing curtains, and sex scenes between Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve.

Poison (1991)

Poison (1991)

Art-horror movie with three intercut plots, one of which involves gay love in prison, and another where a mad scientist causes an AIDS-like STD epidemic.

Brand Upon The Brain! (2006)

Brand Upon the Brain!

This isn’t quite a horror movie, but it is set in an isolated family-run orphanage that harvests brain nectar from children. A brother and a sister both fall for the same girl in boy drag.

And a few lesploitation options…

Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

Vampyros Lesbos

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (1971)

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay

Daughters of Darkness (1971)