Pinned over the summer and fall…

Parenting articles:

  • Who’s to Blame for a Generation of Angry White Men? (Dame Magazine) Asking the valid question, if all these mass shooters came from “normal” white families, what is wrong with normal white parenting?
  • The Conscious Kid‘s month+ long series on disrupting racism with kids covers enough theory and practice to get started on dismantling that normal white family, although it is focused on raising racialized kids to thrive. Instagram, like most social media, is just useless about archive navigation, so I’m going to link the whole series in another post.
  • Parenting Science looks at the evidence about babies’ moral lives. In short, babies are so loving it makes me tear up.
  • How couples try to equitably divide childcare. We found the practicalities of this surprisingly difficult, and if I didn’t have first- or second-hand experience with non-couple models like collective houses, multi-parent queer families, and project management I don’t think I would have been able to figure out how to approach this. The article highlights division by task rather than turn-taking as a way to share the mental load, which is mostly what we landed on as well. In the early days, a milk parent and an everything-else parent. Then a day parent and a night parent for awhile. Currently, a daycare liaison and an inventory / research coordinator.
  • The pregnancy-related chimera situation is so much bigger than I thought. Content note: lots of genetically-determined gender assumptions in that article.
  • I know a lot of folks who did/do baby signs with their kids, who like me probably had not considered perspectives on that from Deaf folks who sign. There are (of course), many takes, but this story makes such a basic point that baby sign resources created by hearing people are often incorrect that I felt ridiculous for not assuming that would be the case.

Other things: